Our Church History

We are over 100 Years Young and Growing!

In 1902, several families and a small group of people met and organized themselves as C.M.E.’s under the leadership of Rev. Butler, Pastor and Rev. Benson, Presiding Elder. Services were held in a small one-room frame building on a farm called Fatcher Stop, now known as the Old Denton Road. In those times an Arbor was built for Revival Services.

In 1917, the group moved their services in the community near Love Field; Rev. I. L. Cornelious was Pastor. Under his leadership services were held in the Masonic Hall, after leaving the Hall, the A.M.E. Church in the community shared their church with the C.M.E.’s.

In 1924, Rev. Moses Johnson, a dedicated minister who loved the church, came to pastor the small membership. There was no church building. With his leadership and hard work, we built the first C.M.E. Church in the community. The founders were Walker and Myria Carroll, Ned and Katie Shoemaker, Lenora Record, and Creasie Willie. Kerosene lamps, outside rest rooms and wood stoves were used in those times. Rev. Johnson faithfully served for many years, having the honor for the first cornerstone laying. Trustees were Bro. Walker Carroll, and Ned Shoemaker, Rev. J. R. Starks, Presiding Elder and Rev. J. C. Martin, Bishop. Rev. Johnson will live in the memory of C.M.E.’s always. Ministers serving during the 1930’s were: Rev. S. T. Taylor, R. R. Northcutt, G. R. Patterson and Rev. J. W. Keller. At this time, under the leadership of Rev. Patterson, Ms. Georgia Tarpley officially organized the first Missionary Society. Ms. Tarpley served faithfully many years, serving the church and the community, caring for the sick and other needs. The Missionary always met its obligations in the Conferences.

Depression years were difficult; however, in 1939 Rev. C. P. Raines came to serve as Pastor. Under his leadership the small membership, with his hard work, was able to remodel the church. At that time the church was named “Mission Chapel C.M.E.” Mr.’s. Walker Carroll and Lewis Rutledge, Sr. were Trustees.

Ministers serving Mission Chapel in the 1940’s were Rev. P. C. Smith, G. R. Patterson for the second time, J. L. Enoch, C. B. Johnson, M. S. James and Rev. G. W. Darden. In 1944, Rev. W. M. A. Price, one of God’s dedicated ministers, came to serve. Under his leadership marked a period of spiritual and financial growth. The Church had no conveniences. Rev. Price saw the need for improving the Church’s facilities. Being a carpenter, with the help of members, he himself added to the Church the first kitchen, fellowship hall and rest rooms; amounting to more than $4,000.00. This was the first time the Church had modern conveniences. At this time the Church was named North Park C.M.E. Rev. Price will always live in the memory of this Church.

In 1958, Rev. M. S. James, another one of God’s chosen leaders who loved the church, came to serve the church the second time. He was a great speaker, filled with the Holy Spirit. He was known to be successful in building and beautifying many churches where he served. With a building fund already set up under the leadership of Rev G. W. Darden, plans were made to build a new church home. With 90 members, Rev. James immediately began working with the Building Committee. Soon the plans were completed, and in October 1959 the new church was under construction. Mr. Henry Presley, Chairman of the Building Committee, financed the new building. May 1st, the “First Sunday” 1960 was the date for the opening of the new church. Special preparations were made for the services. At this time many financial gifts and other gifts were received. It was a day to be long remembered. Mr. Henry Presley also will be long remembered for his love and faithfulness to the church. The church continued to grow and prosper.

In 1961, Rev. F. L. Jackson served as pastor. 1967 Rev. Alex R. King, another dedicated and inspiring minister on the move for Christ, came to pastor and serve. Under his leadership the North Park Family members were happy and blessed with the burning of the mortgage on the new church. Bishop N. S. Curry did the honors for the ceremony. Soon afterwards the church was able to purchase a parsonage, Brother Presley again giving his service in helping to obtain this asset. The church continued to grow.

In 1974, the Rev. Johnny Ray Alexander joined the North Park Family and led the church to great things. In 1975, Bishop C. D. Coleman did the honors in assisting Rev. Alexander and the members of the church in its second mortgage burning ceremony of the parsonage.

North Park C.M.E. Church continued to grow. The Church was blessed with a man who was both a lover of God first and a humanitarian. Rev. W. E. Stone became the pastor of North Park in 1977. Although his tenure with this church family was brief, his guidance, love and concerns will always be remembered.

During the primary portion of 1979, North Park was without a pastor, however the Lord never left the church without guidance. The Rev. W. A. Shultz, Presiding Elder of the Dallas District, served as interim pastor until assignment of a full-time pastor was completed.

In 1979, Rev. Clarence Smith, Jr. answered the Lord’s call to duty and became North Park’s 21st pastor. Rev. Smith brought about a new change to the church. Rev. Smith was such a great lover of man. He touched the hearts of many individuals such as the late Mrs. C. Y. Johnson. She was such an inspiration to her pastor and her church and she expressed her love by stipulating in her will that her home and property be left as an asset to the church. Rev. Smith and the members, realizing that the church was outgrowing its facilities, embarked upon expansion programs.

In 1984, North Park’s history of great leaders was increased with yet another one of God’s chosen people to tell a dying world what thus saith the Lord. The Rev. W. C. Champion was the next pastor of North Park C.M.E. Church, where he had an entourage of accomplishments to this credits. During the appointment of Rev. W. C. Champion the growth of the congregation, its spiritual growth, and the giving power was truly in place.

Another accomplishment of the Church has been the purchase of property at 6714 Tyree Street. North Park has been blessed in receiving various types of gifts. Members and friends of North Park gave many of the gifts. One special gift was a generous pledge to be given over a period of years donated by Brother Edward G. Presley. The church went into a full tithing and stewardship program.

The North Park Family refurbished the Parsonage, redecorated the church vestibule, and the Usher Board and Gospel Choir purchased new Bibles for the church.

In 1991, Rev. G. T. Cowley was the assigned Pastor. Under his leadership, we continued our service for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

During the tenure of Rev. J. A. Hawkins as Pastor (August, 1994 to December 1997); we retired our renovation indebtedness.

January 1998 Rev. Kenneth L Hollingshed transferred from the State of Georgia, Southwest Georgia Conference. He was one of Georgia’s leading pastors, who served several of the State’s leading and progressive congregations. Since his arrival, our church has made many major accomplishments. Pastor Hollingshed brought revival and new life to this congregation. The membership of the Church has grown tremendouly and many members have recommitted their lives to Christ and His church. The tithe and offerings of our Church have doubled and God is richly blessing us. Under his leadership the total administration of this Church is being challenged. Some of the other accomplishments are as follows:

(a) sold real estate property on Kelton Street;

(b) retired bank indebtedness of $38,000 to Inwood National Bank;

(c) purchased lot for additional parking by paying cash sum of $18,000.;

(d) purchased new copier;

(e) purchased 2 new computers with printers;

(f) purchased new Fax machines;

(g) purchased new hymnals for the Church;

(h) hired new Musician Staff and purchased drums;

(i) organized Mass Choir;

(j) organized Praise Team & Praise Dancers;

(k) Bible Study attendance has grown tremendously;

(l) organized new members class and orientation;

(m) organized Shepherds’ Class for ministers in training;

(n) organized in conjunction with the Trustee Board, Architect Plans for a new parking lot facility; The Parking Lot was completed and dedicated to God, October 1999;

(o) a new organ purchased;

(p) presently a new Ministry Center has been designed:

The name of the ministry center is Hallelujah House Outreach Ministry Center, Inc. It is a Faith Based multi-ministry center that houses many ministries – career planning and management, food pantry ministry, book store, school of music, computer center, mentoring ministry, “A.W.E.S.O.M.E.” Ministry, Boys to Men Ministry, Joshua 6 Recovery Ministry and homeless ministry. Also, HIV and AIDS prevention and testing, Domestic Violence prevention, Grief Ministry, Information and Referral Ministry. The Ministry Center is presently being funded by private donations, corporate sponsors, and a grant writer has been hired to write grants for the ministry. The Grand Opening was March 30, 2003.

We are presently partnering with area Food Pantry ministry and the Simon David grocery store to help with food contributions. The homeless ministry feeds countless people on a monthly basis. The Hallelujah House was featured on the cover of the Christian Index Fevurary 2008 publication.

As we continue the growth of North Park, our accomplishments have grown also.

The Women’s Ministry established in 2002 the Flossie Dixon Award – in which she was selected as the first Woman of the Year.

We have sent forth from North Park six young men to spread the gospel. They are Rev. Carl Grover (deceased); Rev. Tyrell Jackson (deceased); Rev. Sheldon Ballatt, Rev. Robert Jackson, Rev. Andre’ Johnson (deceased), and Rev. Keith Thomas – each have received their various pastoral assignments.

The Church currently has 4 Local Preachers, 2 Licensed Exhorters, 1 ordained Deacon, and 1 Clergy in Residence.

Our parking lot indebtedness has been retired and our line of credit has been paid in full.

We also presented the great recording artist, Mrs. Dorothy Norwood, in concert at the Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters on March 13, 2004, which was an overwhelming success.

In 2005, God blessed us to acquire the property at 6717-6719 Tyree for future expansion. The Pastor and Trustees have two Architect designs for future expansion as we move forward in the 21st century. In Addition to that, the church has been painted inside and outside, roof replaced, installed hand rails, purchased new computers and printer.

The Church retired the bank note in the amount of $37,000. acquired to purchase the aforementioned property next door in February 2009!

Surely God is moving this great ministry toward Kingdom Expansion so that we will be able to serve the Now and Future generations.